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Welcome to Anomaly Television.

Anomaly TV Weekly Schedule

The Anomaly TeleVision Network site does not currently operate exclusively on this old weekly schedule cycle.

 – SMiles Lewis 


Parapolitical Friday – The latest news that you won’t find in the mainstream media. Did a story just sort of fall through the cracks? Not here. On Fridays Anomaly TV tackles the issues and covers the topics that other places are afraid to touch.



Metaphysical Saturday – Covers everything in the universe. From philosophy to religion and occult knowledge. Tune in on Saturdays to see how everything is all tied together.


Ghost Sunday – Do you want to hear a ghost story? See amazing footage of a ghost that defies explanation? Tune in on Sundays for stories of Ghost encounters, hauntings and other apparitions.


UFO Monday – UFO’s and aliens.


Science and Technology Tuesday – Covering a wide range of topics in science and technology.


Cryptozoology Wednesday – Chupacabre, bigfoot, nessie, skunk ape and everything in between.


Mind & Body Thursday – Psychic phenomenon and Incredible humans.